BitTorrent Internals

An engineering deep dive into the intricate details, algorithms, and strategies that builds up and powers BitTorrent and almost any P2P network.



1 All Topics for BitTorrent

1.1 Introduction to BitTorrent

1.2 Dissecting the Torrent File

1.3 The BitTorrent architecture

1.4 The Choke Algorithm

1.5 Piece Selection Strategy

1.6 Kademlia - P2P overlay network

1.7 Exploiting BitTorrent

The course is not complete yet, more lessons coming soon.

What you'll get

  • Structured Learning
  • In-depth Explanations
  • One-page write-up for each topic
  • Handwritten notes for each topic
  • Progress Tracking

About Instructor

Hey! I am Arpit Bhayani, a passionate CS engineer who loves to explore engineering in depth. In my last ~9 years of experience, I have worked at D. E. Shaw, Practo, Amazon, and Unacademy; and have built systems, services, and platforms that scaled to billions.

In 2018, I joined Unacademy as their first Technical Architect and there I designed, built, managed, and scaled services like Search, Notification, Logging, Deployment Engine, and many more. I am currently operating as a Director of Engineering leading the Site Reliability and Data Engineering verticals.